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MumbaiCityHunt is the best way to advertise your website or online bussiness. Over the last couple of years, advertising in our little corner of the web has come a long way.

Your banner ad should be in .gif, .jpg, .png or .swf format. We currently requires you to use one of the standard file sizes for your banner.

  • Popup Banner (500 x 300)
  • Rates: 1 Month - ₹400/- 2-3 Months - ₹700/- 4-6 Months - ₹1000/- 1 Year - ₹ 1700/-
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  • Top Banner (600 x 74)
  • Rates: 1 Month - ₹200/- 2-3 Months - ₹500/- 4-6 Months - ₹800/- 1 Year - ₹ 1500/-
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  • Rates: 1 Month - ₹100/- 2-3 Months - ₹200/- 4-6 Months - ₹400/- 1 Year - ₹600/-
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  • Rates: 1 Month - ₹500/- 2-3 Months - ₹1200/- 4-6 Months - ₹1800/- 1 Year - ₹2400/-
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Advertising through the web pages owned by are subject to the following terms and conditions

  • Banner Advertising is additional paid service along with the Annual Subscription of this site.
  • All advertising material is subject to approval by, We reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement deemed to be unsuitable for any reason.
  • Fees paid for advertising are non-refundable unless the advertisement is cancelled prior to the commencement of the advertising campaign, which is defined as the moment the advertisement is first published on the Internet.
  • Advertising space is subject to limited availability and will be handed out on a first-come first-served basis. Once all of the available advertising slots are filled, further advertisements are queued (stored off-line) until the next available slot becomes available. staff will notify queued advertisers of the estimated time that their advertisement will make it on-line as well as the date it actually goes on-line. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Updates will be made available on our website.
  • Rates (fees) are subject to change without prior notice. Only new or renewed contracts are affected when rates change.
  • Page views are defined as anytime an advertisement is displayed to a visitor of our web site.
  • is not bound to comply with advertiser instructions if they conflict with established policies.
  • All advertisements are positioned according to rules dictated by Specifically, billboard ads will only be placed at the top of a web page, but may be circulated between web pages depending on the number of page views per month ordered. Button advertisements will only appear on the main web page.
  • assumes no liability for errors in materials. All attempts will be made to correct any errors that may appear.
  • reserves the right to refuse or postpone the display of submitted advertising content until all amount have been received (including the clearing of bank checks/transfers) in full and advertising space becomes available.
  • is not liable for delays in publishing or failure to publish submitted advertising content in the event of circumstances beyond the control of
  • Registration to will be as per booking only after realization of full payment received.
  • From time to time and without notice make the changes in headings of the business category. Which in the sole judgment of the publisher will best serve the
  • To Place advertisement on any page and in any position on a page in without guarantee as to a definite Position.
  • To reject the advertisement at any time. If in the discretion of the publisher, the advertisement contains any matter which may be illegal, Libelous or Immoral nature or incorrect information or does not conform to the requirements of any law governing publication of the advertisement. is not responsible for any Free & Paid Advertiser.
  • An amendment fees of Rs. *2000/- to be paid along with the amendment letter/if required paid.
  • Amendment can be done only for the product/category in which party is registered; a new category can be added/inserted later on by paying necessary fees.



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